Home Security Systems in Calgary

Are you looking for a home security system in Calgary? It can be confusing because there are so many different types of systems being sold.

Most of them have the same type of equipment, such as keypads, door/window contact sensors, motion sensors, etc.

They also all basically work the same way. You arm and disarm them using the keypad or a smartphone app. Some of them also come with key fobs, like the kind you use with your car.

While the system is armed, when a sensor is triggered it will send a signal to whoever is monitoring the system. When it’s disarmed, it won’t.

The biggest differences between them are the business models of the various alarm companies providing the systems.

Traditional Systems

The classic business model is that you sign a three to five year contract and pay a monthly fee. This monthly fee covers the cost of the equipment, installation, and monitoring.

The system is almost always professionally monitored by a monitoring station. This is a call centre of people who work 24/7 reacting to signals from their clients’ alarm systems. When they receive a signal from your alarm system, they will try to call you to determine if it’s a false alarm or not. If it’s not or they can’t get ahold of you, they will contact the authorities for you.

The good thing about these systems is that the equipment is usually of very good quality, the systems are professionally installed by security experts, and they’re professional monitored by people who do this 24/7.

Of course, all this comes at a price. Traditional systems tend to be quite expensive, and they don’t give you much flexibility. You have to keep paying the monthly fee for the three to five years. You can’t stop without hurting your credit rating, because the company will send you to collections.

DIY Systems

Another, newer business model is Do It Yourself (DIY). There are several levels to this DIY though. For instance, you can buy systems from big box stores or Amazon that are completely DIY. You buy the equipment, install it, and then monitor it yourself.

The equipment isn’t usually as good, and you have to install it yourself. If you’re somewhat handy, this probably won’t be that hard. But if you’re not, you may prefer to have a professional do it. After all, the system won’t work if it’s not installed correctly.

The nice thing about these systems is that there are no monthly fees. You buy the equipment, install it, and then monitor it yourself.

The system will send a message to your smart phone and you’ll have to call the authorities yourself. Of course, since it’s not your full-time job to monitor the alarm system, there will be times when you’re sleeping or busy, and don’t notice the alert.

This is a trade-off you may be willing to make. After all, you’re still protected some of the time. Just keep in mind that unless you never sleep, there may be times when there’s no one monitoring the alarm system.

Mixed Systems

Some of the DIY alarm companies offer professional monitoring. These can either be a monthly subscription or even a three to five year contract.

We’ve taken this a step further. We’re offering high quality equipment professionally installed. Then after it’s installed, the system will be professionally monitored.

The difference between us and the traditional alarm companies are that we aren’t asking you to sign a three to five year contract. The professional monitoring is a subscription that you can cancel at any time with only 30 days notice.

This gives you the best of both worlds. You can get best-in-class equipment that is professionally installed and professionally monitored. But if your financial situation changes in the future, you can cancel the professional monitoring without hurting your credit.

If you have any questions, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us via our Contact Us page.