Home Security Systems in Calgary

Are you looking for a home security system in Calgary? It can be confusing because there are so many different types of systems being sold.

Most of them have the same type of equipment, such as keypads, door/window contact sensors, motion sensors, etc.

They also all basically work the same way. You arm and disarm them using the keypad or a smartphone app. Some of them also come with key fobs, like the kind you use with your car.

While the system is armed, when a sensor is triggered it will send a signal to whoever is monitoring the system. When it’s disarmed, it won’t.

The biggest differences between them are the business models of the various alarm companies providing the systems.

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Home Security Tips From Burglars

If you’re looking for home security tips, who better to ask than reformed burglars? Thankfully, there have been several surveys done through the years, including this one by a Portland TV station.

They sent a questionnaire to 86 convicted burglars, and summarized the results on their website. I’ve used these insights to write this article.

In this article we’ll discuss what burglars look for in a target, how they enter the homes, when they do it, what they do in your home, and what scares them off.

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